Public awareness is still minimal regarding the Mizoram Lokayukta, its powers & functions, and its utility in the fight against corruption. They loosely talk about maladministration, misuse of public money, nepotism, and corruption in Governments. But they do not file complaints against public servants who indulge in them, may be due to ignorance or complacency. The Mizoram Lokayukta has not so far prescribed any Form or Fees for lodging a complaint (it may do so in future). Hence, any citizen can file a complaint petition in a plain paper, without paying any fee before the Lokayukta if he/she comes across any incidence or evidence of corruption against the public servants concerned. Even then, such complaint petitions are still few and far between.

If public awareness is generated, the people will be aggrieved by wanton corruptions as these take away their rights. The Lokayukta can function as a public grievances redressal forum. Grievance means making a claim by a person who sustained injustice and undue hardship consequence to maladministration. Any person can file his grievance in writing before the Lokayukta if he has sustained injustice or undue hardships in consequence of maladministration. The citizens must now realize that Corruption results into maladministration, hence corruption and maladministration are two sides of the same coin. When administration is soaked in corruptions, it lacks accountability and transparency. Then corruption takes its shape in various forms such as delays in movement of files, delays in decision making process, arbitrary, unjust and unfair actions. Consequently, corruption stalls development and progress, ruins the aspirations of the youths, spoils the opportunities of promising entrepreneurs, and degrades humanity. It is important to realize that the fight against corruption is not of a single entity, but of the entire citizenry.